23 institutions and 23 festivals and public presentations selected within the creative industries

The Creative Industries Fund NL is granting 23 institutions within the creative industries a 1-year subsidy to implement their activities programme in 2024. In addition, 23 institutions have been selected to implement festivals and public presentations in 2024.

general impression 1-year activities programme

The quality of applications is high this round. The institutions show development that has led/leading to a strong infrastructure over the years. This round also saw applications from a number of new institutions. The four institutions Captain Hoek, Limestone Books, Sickhouse and Wobby.club will contribute to a multi-perspective design field next year. In design, nine institutions have been supported, in architecture five and in digital culture eight institutions.

In the context of diversity, the OSCAM platform is leading by example with its own voice and vision on diversity. OSCAM wants to give space to multiperspectivity and share knowledge about groups and individuals who are not yet adequately represented or participating in the world of arts and culture. As a low-threshold platform and open community, they involve known and unknown creative talents in their exhibitions and activities to inspire their young and diverse audience.


The following 22 cultural institutions were selected:
- Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam
- Architectuurcentrum Nijmegen
- Baltan Laboratories
- Captain Hoek
- Crafts Council Nederland
- Creative Coding Utrecht
- Das Leben am Haverkamp
- De Dépendance
- Hackers & Designers
- ICU2
- Independent School for the City
- Limestone Books
- MacGuffin
- Platform GRAS
- PrintRoom
- Sickhouse
- The Grey Space in the Middle
- The Hmm
- Van Eesterenmuseum
- Varia
- Wobby.club

Institutions with positive recommendation, but no budget after prioritization
Institutions with negative recommendation


The advisory committee of the 1 and 2-year activities programme Grant Scheme, chaired by Nathanja van Dijk, provided recommendations for 38 annual programmes of institutions in the field of design, architecture and digital culture. The advisory committee further consisted of Pieter van Boheemen, Thomas Castro, Anne Dessing, Aliki van der Kruijs, Daan Petri and Katía Truijen.

All applications were assessed on four criteria:
- the artistic and social value of the activities programme;
- the relevance of the chosen theme for the field;
- the degree of diversity in audience reach;
- consistency in the application’s purpose and set-up.

The Overkill Festival

general impression festivals and public presentations

In this round, 3 of the 23 projects are from Curaçao. By means of the various festivals, a diverse and broad audience in Curaçao, ranging from young people and children to adults and from residents to tourists, will be addressed and introduced to crossovers between digital culture, architecture, audiovisual design and also literature and performing arts. A number of newcomers stand out in this round, as do the innovative strategies of the more established festival organizations, including by entering into various collaborations to broaden the audience base. Themes covered in this round range from playful activism, awareness, protest and AI to sustainability and the livability of the city.

selection festivals and public presentations

The following 23 festivals and public presentations have been selected:
- Wintertuin Curaçao Festival 2024
- Dutch Afrofuturism Platform – Stichting Mind the Generations
- De Breedestraat Creative Hub – Kaya Kaya
- Kaboom Animation Festival 2024
- Freaky Dancing 2024
- Groene Hart Biënnale – Stichting Cool Mediators
- LUNA 2025 – Stichting Mediaart Friesland
- Buro Mix – Blikopener Festival
- The Overkill Festival 2024 – Stichting Sickhouse
- InScience International Science Film Festival 2024
- Go Short Expanded – Go Short International Film Festival Nijmegen
- Schemerlicht Festival 2024
- Fashion Design Festival Arnhem
- Viewmaster – PROTEST
- Manifestations 2024 – Stichting Art & Technology
- Night of the Nerds Live 2024 – Stichting FutureBites
- Rewire 2024 – Stichting Unfold
- Cross Comix Festival 2024
- Architectuur Filmfestival Rotterdam (AFFR)
- What Design Can Do (WDCD)
- Rotterdamse Dakendagen
- Aural Spaces 2024 – Entrée
- Conflux Festival 2024 – Reverb Rotterdam


Chaired by Rolf Quaghebeur, the Festivals and Public Presentations Grant Scheme advisory committee advised on 43 festivals and public presentations in the fields of design, architecture and digital culture. The advisory committee further consisted of Nadia Abdelkaui, Bao Yao Fei, Polina Medvedeva, Karim Mrabti and Rinke Vreeke.

All applications were assessed on four criteria:
- the contribution of the festival or presentation to strengthening public interest in the creative industry in the respective part of the country;
- the extent to which the festival or presentation has substantive significance for the creative industry;
- the extent to which the proposal is effective in terms of design, audience strategy and support for the festival or presentation;
- the contribution of the festival or presentation to diversity and inclusion within the field of activity of the creative industries.

Within this scheme, the available grant amount is divided between the North, South, West, East and Central regions of the country and the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. This leads to a wider geographical distribution of festivals and public presentations.


Applications were made for a total amount of € 1.9 million. As a result, the available budget of € 1 million was greatly oversubscribed. Prioritization was unfortunately necessary. The procedure used is described in the Festivals and Public Presentations Grant Scheme.

The Dutch map shows, using colored dots, all institutions in the design sector that will be supported in 2024 through the Creative Industry
De kaart Infrastructuur ontwerpsector 2024 toont alle instellingen in de designsector die in 2024 worden ondersteund via het Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie of de Culturele Basisinfrastructuur.

deadline 2024

In 2024, the 1-year Activities Programme Grant Scheme is opening. All parties can make a submission until 3 September 2024 at the latest for a 1-year activities programme for 2025.

In 2024, the Festivals and Public Presentations Grant Scheme has two application rounds:
- 1 March 2024: for festivals and public presentations taking place in 2024;
- 23 October 2024: for festivals and public presentations taking place in 2025.