The Creative Industries Fund NL endeavours to achieve good and clear service provision and attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. However, it is possible that you are not satisfied with the Fund’s service or communication and would like to submit a complaint.

complaints procedure

In case you want to submit a complaint, you can do this in accordance with our complaints procedure. The aim of this procedure is to further improve the quality of our services and to ensure that the Fund handles your complaint with due care. As an applicant, external relation or advisor, you have the possibility to submit a written complaint by post or by e-mail via

confidential advisor

If you want to report undesirable behaviour, Mores is the disclosure office for that purpose in sectors including the creative industry. Have you been subjected to 'undesirable behaviour': sexual intimidation or abuse, aggression and violence (including intimidation and abuse of power), discrimination or bullying? Then you can contact one of the confidential advisors associated with the platform. Mores and the confidential advisors at the disclosure office are independent, and all reports are treated in confidence.