Deadlines 2023

The deadlines for Creative Industries Fund NL's grant programmes in 2023 have been set. In 2023 there are four application rounds for the Design, Architecture and Digital Culture Grant Schemes. The Experiment Grant Scheme has a period in Spring and in Autumn. There is one single round for the the Talent Development Grant Programme. View the closing dates and make a note of them in your agenda!

The deadlines of 2023:

Design Grant Scheme
11 January 2023
5 April 2023
16 August 2023
11 October 2023

Architecture Grant Scheme
19 January 2023
20 April 2023
10 August 2023
12 October 2023

Digital Culture Grant Scheme
18 January 2023
12 April 2023
16 August 2023
11 October 2023

Experiment Grant Scheme
The first period opens in mid-February 2023.
The second period opens in late August 2023.

Talent Development Grant Scheme
31 January 2023

Scout Nights
31 January 2023

Internationalization of the Design Sector Grant Scheme
14 February 2023
4 October 2023

Upstream: Music x Design Grant Scheme
To be continued

Immerse/Interact Grant Scheme
6 February 2023
11 September 2023

Festivals and Public Presentations Grant Scheme
22 February 2023

1- and 2-year Activities Programme Grant Scheme 2023–2024
27 September 2023
24 October 2023

open calls

In addition to the grant schemes, several open calls will be issued in 2023. The first calls established are:

Open Call Salone del Mobile 2023
10 January 2023

Open Call Resilient Communities / Inclusive Cities / Just Societies
23 January 2023

Open Call Residency Van Doesburg 2023
13 March 2023

Open Call Presentations Abroad
1 May 2023

Open Call Building Talent for experienced designers and makers
April 2023

Open Call Platforms for design-based learning
September 2023

Open Call Building Talent for starting makers and designers
October 2023

Open Call Fresh Perspectives
November 2023

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