Creative Industries Fund NL present at Dutch Design Week in virtual form

In an exceptional year, it promises to be an exceptional Dutch Design Week, one in which it will be quiet in Eindhoven, in stark contrast to all the previous editions. We all know why. Instead of at Sectie-C, in the many studios, or the Klokgebouw, this year's activity is taking place online. Fortunately, the Fund was prepared for this and we can present two online exhibitions during Dutch Design Week.

27 September 2020

Talent Tours
By way of short video portraits, Talent Tours provides insight into the thinking and practice of 39 emerging design talents, each of whom is concerned with topical social themes. What are their motives, their doubts and ambitions, and what values do they put first in their work? By offering these design talents, through a talent development grant, the free space for a year to optimally develop themselves artistically and professionally, they can create a meaningful position for themselves in the professional field and in society. Take, for instance, social designer and bio-artist Kuang-Yi Ku, who outlines oppressive future scenarios in which he confronts the public with the question of what is still acceptable when it comes to the influence of medical science on our lives. Or Marwan Magroun, who made a photo series and film in which he wants to refute the stigma that rests on fathers with a migrant background. And Milou Voorwinden, whose research into 3D weaving will hopefully contribute to the move towards sustainability that is so badly needed in the fashion industry.

Talent Tours presents
Alvin Arthur, Anna Fink, Arvand Pourabbasi, Chiara Dorbolò, Cream on Chrome, Gilles de Brock, Giorgio Toppin, Jing He, Juliette Lizotte, Kasia Nowak, Kuang-Yi Ku, Lieselot Elzinga, Marco Federico Cagnoni, Mark Henning, Marwan Magroun, Maxime Benvenuto, Millonaliu, Milou Voorwinden, Minji Choi, Mirte van Laarhoven, Nadine Botha, Nastia Cistakova, Nikola Knezevic, Ottonie von Roeder, paradyme, Post Neon, Rosita Kær, Sae Honda, Saïd Kinos, Seokyung Kim, Sissel Marie Tonn, Suk Go, Telemagic, Tereza Ruller, Thor ter Kulve, Tijs Gilde, Tomo Kihara, Ward Goes en Yavez Anthonio.

live streams
From 18 until 25 October, there will be daily live streams of new talent during Dutch Design Week. On Sunday, you can watch Mirte van Laarhoven live in the woods as she builds the finale of her travelling exhibition Dead wood alive. Join Tomo Kihara on Monday in other people's YouTube bubbles with the YouTube filter simulator Their-Tube. Or take part on Saturday in the workshop of architect and writer Chiara Dorbolò, who takes you along in her creative writing process. View the programme and the live streams here.

Chronic Health
We are presenting our other online exhibition Chronic Health – Happily ever after? as part of the Embassy of Health. In 15 projects, in collaboration with Waag, Philips, Máxima MC and U Create, we demonstrate the power of design research in finding answers to questions that have become more urgent than ever in recent months: What do we actually find important for our quality of life? Is it survival, at the cost of everything else we care about? In addition to all the protocols, is there enough room for what visibly does us good? And what about when you look at the bigger picture: the functioning of society, and the liveability of the planet? In the projects being presented, designers work together with healthcare professionals with a forward-looking perspective on a healthy society. For example, design studio Panton, in collaboration with a number of hospitals, developed the Medical metro line that provides insight into treatment processes for all care providers and patients involved. Gabriel Fontana unravelled the competitive and normative sides of team sport with Multiform, and presents a more social variant. While Studio Samira Boon, together with the VU and Waag Society, is investigating how the bacterial layer that grows on the surface of the fermented beverage kombucha can be used to create a durable, breathable interior.

practical information
Like the Dutch Design Week, the online exhibitions open on 17 October 2020 and can be seen via the website of the Dutch Design Week and the World Design Embassies. If you happen to be in Eindhoven before that time, take a look at the 39 video portraits in Talent Tours in MU, or if you can't wait, on our Platform Talent website.