Looking back at Dutch Design Week 2023

From 21 to 29 October 2023, the Creative Industries Fund NL presented a new crop of emerging design talent during Dutch Design Week. For the first time, this edition of Stimuleringsfonds presents talent, organized by the Talent Development Grant, took place at an entirely unique location: the Portiersloge at Strijp-S. A further 16 projects supported by the Innovationlabs, a joint programme of the Creative Industries Fund NL, on behalf of the six national culture funds, and CLICKNL, were on show in the Klokgebouw.

9 November 2023

Stimuleringsfonds presents talent

Every year, emerging design talents active in the fields of design, architecture and digital culture are given the opportunity to develop themselves optimally in artistic and professional terms, thanks to a grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL. This year's batch consisted of 50 participants, who, through the content-based programme The Rest is Still Unwritten, were given daily free space to present their work through talks, performances, video portraits, workshops, installations and more. With this presentation, they show where they are now and what path they took last year.

Executive director Syb Groeneveld opens the exhibition 'The Rest is Still Unwritten'. Photo: Clara Gus
Left: work by The Nightmare Disorder, right: a performance by Cindy van der Loan (Paul Kuijpers) at the opening. Photo's: Clara Gus
Video portraits of the 50 makers, designers and architects, created by Koehorst in 't Veld, Roel van Tour and Maarten Westerveen, were played on screens. Photo: Clara Gus
Talk 'Dwalen, bevragen, vinden' with Dérive. Photo: Clara Gus
Exhibition featuring work by Kalkidan Hoex (left) and photography by Mario Gonsalves (right). Performance by Siddharth Pathak (right, background).
Talks by Stephanie Idongesit Ete (left) and Elizaveta Federmesser (right). Photo's: Clara Gus
Workshop by STORE STORE as part of the Open Call Research, Act & Reflect.
Exhibition featuring work by Sunjoo Lee (left) and Pernilla Manjula Philip (right). Photo's: Clara Gus
Performance by three people in a dark room with a spotlight on the singer's dress.
Performance by Baby's Berserk as part of the Upstream Grant Scheme: Music x Design. Photo: Clara Gus

Innovationlabs #1: The Living Archive

The exhibition Innovationlabs #1: The Living Archive showed the harvest from the first edition of Innovationlabs, a programme that provides funding for innovation through projects that contribute to the sustainable recovery of the sector. Part of the exhibition was an Open Lab, where you could see demonstrations of new technologies, attend podcast recordings, engage with makers and more. Four sessions were also organised in which the initiators of the 16 projects shared their results, knowledge and insights. Read the reports of the sessions No Data No Future and De creatieve praktijk van de toekomst ('Creative practice of the future') via the Innovatielabs website.

At the 'Open Lab', self-employed people in the creative and cultural sector could have their financial future predicted by the fortune-teller of the 'The Art of Later' project. Photo: Clara Gus
The exhibition the 'Open Lab' at the Klokgebouw. Photo's: Clara Gus
The knowledge-sharing session 'No Data No Future'. Photo: Clara Gus
The knowledge-sharing session 'The creative practice of the future'. Photo's: Clara Gus