Dutch Design Week tips

Van 21 tot en met 29 oktober 2023 vindt de Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven plaats. Het Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie is aanwezig in het Klokgebouw en in de Portiersloge op Strijp-S. Daarnaast worden op verschillende locaties projecten gepresenteerd die zijn ondersteund vanuit de regelingen van het Stimuleringsfonds. We hebben een overzicht met tips gemaakt van onder andere tentoonstellingen en (interactieve) presentaties.

10 October 2023

Stimuleringsfonds presents talent
Every year, emerging design talents active in the fields of design, architecture and digital culture are given the opportunity to develop themselves optimally in artistic and professional terms, thanks to a grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL. The 2023 batch has now been visualized in one-minute film portraits. During the Dutch Design Week, these portraits can be seen in the exhibition Stimuleringsfonds presents talent | The Rest is Still Unwritten in the Portiersloge at Strijp-S. Admission is open to the public and free of charge.

Platform Talent - Sunjoo Lee

One of the film portraits on view during 'Stimuleringsfonds presents talent | The Rest is Still Unwritten'.

Innovationlabs presents The Living Archive

The Klokgebouw in Eindhoven, the heart of the Dutch Design Week, is hosting Innovationlabs #1: The Living Archive. The exhibition shows the harvest from the first edition of Innovationlabs, a joint program of the Creative Industries Fund NL, on behalf of the six cultural Funds, and CLICKNL, that provides funding for innovation through projects that contribute to the sustainable recovery of the sector. Part of the exhibition is an Open Lab, where you can see demonstrations of new technologies, attend podcast recordings, engage with makers and much more.

Lichtspiel by Zalan Szakács. Photo: Riccardo de Vecchi


Maker Zalán Szakács, supported by the Talent Development Grant Scheme, shows Lichtspiel | Experiment Nr. 2 - Underworld in the Koelhuis in Eindhoven. The site-specific version of Lichtspiel engages with the water-flooded basement of Koelhuis Eindhoven through light, haze, and sound. By combining various kaleidoscopic lenses with a kinetic motor, the public find themselves in a configuration of mysticism and technology.

Manifestations, AvantGarden the CORE. Photo: Tanja Vujinovic


Foundation Art & Technology shows with Manifestations, supported by the Festivals and public presentations Grant Scheme, the question to what extent technology determines the world, our thinking and our actions, and depicts different future scenarios with projects and installations full of firsts. For the eighth time in a row, Manifestations shows in the Veem building artists who, in a funny, spectacular or controversial way, examine the (mis)matches between people and technology and ask how technology can contribute to a sweeter, more humane world.

TIMELESSTIME (photo bovenaan)
Visit TIMELESSTIME by MAISON the FAUX in MU Hybrid Art House, supported by the Design Grant Scheme. Do we lose or gain time with the passing of the years? Does physical deterioration make us vulnerable or is this the very thing that drives us to create, to philosophize, to destroy and start all over again? MAISON the FAUX explores these questions with the installation TIMELESSTIME in which performers make scenes come to life at set times. Experience how time affects the essence of making and that which is made.

New Order of Fashion, Katerina Knight, The Healing Lace. Photo: Ruby Pluhar

From the Ground Up

To collectively explore the meaning of regeneration in fashion, New Order of Fashion unites twelve emerging designers from across the globe during the Dutch Design Week. In addition to being a promising alternative to counter balance a rampant fashion industry, regeneration poses fundamental questions about the origins of both our clothing as well as ourselves. Where do we come from and where are we headed?

Brick: a medium to reveal (de)colonial history

Designer Rising Lai examines with Brick: a medium to reveal (de)colonial history, supported by the Design Grant Scheme, the relatively unheard of material history of Dutch brick. In the form of an educational toy, research zine, and interactive website, this project reveals how colonial dominance was represented through brick(laying). On view at Microlab at Strijp-S.

Research to Reconnect

House of Thol, supported by the Open Call Building talent, makes functional products that make green living easier. These are the tangible results of thorough research and material experiments. This edition, House of Thol showcase the difference between the House of Thol Brand and Studio, paving the way for future collaborative research projects.

Atelier Houtwerff

Textile designer Mariëtte Wolbert, supported by the Design Grant Scheme, exhibits together with furniture designer and maker Frida van der Poel and designer and maker Bastiaan Luijk their collaborative projects and individual work in Atelier Houtwerff. Combined with a mix of craftsmanship from interior designer Karel Bodegom, 3D paper artists Khalid and Rachid Zerrou and blacksmith artist Annelied van Dijk.