Innovationlabs presents The Living Archive

The Klokgebouw in Eindhoven, the heart of Dutch Design Week 2023, is hosting Innovationlabs #1: The Living Archive from Saturday 21 October to Sunday 29 October. The exhibition shows the harvest from the first edition of Innovationlabs. Part of the exhibition is an Open Lab, where you can see demonstrations of new technologies, attend podcast recordings, engage with makers and much more. Come visit!

The exhibition introduces you to the 16 supported projects: ranging from a multidisciplinary platform promoting and disseminating knowledge about sustainable materials to a development programme aimed at makers who want to experiment with mixed-reality theatre techniques. In addition, the findings of a team of researchers who followed the projects closely are being presented. They share their key insights based on four themes: business models, collaboration, public participation and the position of the maker. Together, the projects and the research results form a source of practical knowledge and experience on the deployment of innovation projects in current challenges in the cultural and creative sector.

Eva Roolker, Innovationlabs project manager: ‘Innovationlabs #1: The Living Archive marks the end of the first edition of Innovationlabs, but also a new beginning. During Dutch Design Week, the knowledge and insights gained within the programme will be shared further, but also deepened in exchanges with the general public and interested professionals. Everyone is invited to contribute to the living archive full of information for the future sector.’

Part of the space has been set up as an Open Lab, where visitors can test or help validate the applied innovations. Sit down with a fortune teller who predicts your financial future, come and watch demonstrations by music artists, learn more about inclusivity in the arts sector or make acquaintance with innovative technologies such as augmented reality and immersive design. You can also benefit from the lessons learned by the project initiators for your own practice.

about Innovationlabs
The exhibition is part of Innovationlabs, a programme that provides funding for innovation through projects that contribute to the sustainable recovery of the sector. The Creative Industries Fund NL, on behalf of the six national culture funds, and CLICKNL operate the programme, which was commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

The 16 projects are the harvest from the first edition, which started with an open call in 2021 and is now concluding with an exhibition and a series of knowledge-sharing sessions during Dutch Design Week (DDW). The programme is financed from the recovery plan for the cultural sector.

The design of the exhibition was provided by Fillip Studios. Studio de Ronners were responsible for the graphic design. More information can be found on