policy plans

Once every four years, the Creative Industries Fund NL draws up a new policy plan, in which we specify how we are going to achieve our objectives in the coming period.

Dutch Design Week 2019, Embassy of Health, photo: Jimena Jauna

Scope for connection
Under the heading Scope for Connection, in the policy period of 2021-2024 the Fund is striving to connect the unique talent of designers and makers to sectors within and outside the cultural domain, both nationally and internationally.

The policy plan outlines how we keep offering scope to research by design within the grant schemes for design, architecture and digital culture; how the Fund keeps on building a strong and resilient infrastructure for the creative industry; and how, within the new experiment grant scheme, scope is created for refreshing alternative mindsets.

We look back on results already achieved, redefine our objectives and build on a stronger network outside the creative and cultural sector, because we believe that good (spatial) design for future challenges will greatly benefit the public. What’s more, in implementing our policy we will keep an eye on fair practice, diversity, inclusion and governance, and we acknowledge and recognize other stories and mindsets.

If you want to know more, you can read the Policy Plan 2021-2024: Scope for Connection (in Dutch only) and the Programme Plan Spatial Design Action Programma 2021-2024 (in Dutch only).

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