policy plans

Once every four years, the Creative Industries Fund NL draws up a new policy plan, in which we specify how we are going to achieve our objectives in the coming period.

Dutch Design Week 2019, Embassy of Health, photo: Jimena Jauna

changes in our work

Under the title Changes in our work in the 2025-2028 policy period, the Creative Industries Fund NL is committed to connecting the power of design to other cultural sectors, social organizations, governments, industry and science. We encourage the process of research and of making within the creative industry, and promote good commissioning and interdisciplinary collaborations.

The policy plan outlines how accessibility and quality will remain our goal in the coming years. To achieve this, we outline clear frameworks, remain responsive to developments in the sector and devote attention to the region.

We are focusing on a number of changes in our way of working in 2025-2028:
- We are intensifying research on the impact of grants and showing even better what the power of design means for a changing society.
- We are easing the application procedures by introducing threshold standards and less demanding justification requirements for small applications, among other things.
- We are launching several activities (including research activities) on circular design and artificial intelligence.
- We are forming a national learning network of scouts to reach and engage the region better on transition issues.
- We are making room for activities where we work with applicants to achieve even greater interaction and understanding between the Fund, the field and society.

policy plan 2025-2028

If you want to know more, you can read the Policy Plan 2025-2028: Changes in our work (in Dutch only) and the Programme Internationalization of the Design Sector (in Dutch only).

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