annual reports

Every year, the Creative Industries Fund NL publishes an annual report, in which we map out the results and outline the various projects that were realized with the support of a grant. In the annual report we additionally give insight into the various activities we organized.

SXSW 2017, TRIPH by Circus Family

Annual Report 2020: the power of design illustrated
We look back on a challenging year due to the COVID-19 outbreak; a year in which the Fund awarded a total of € 23 million in grants to makers, designers and cultural institutions. Animated infographics give an insight into the distribution of the budget and the results achieved.

We show the power of design in the video portraits of The Hmm, Karim Adduchi, Merel Pit, Site Practice and Iris de Kievith and Annemarie Piscaer. They demonstrate, among other things, how design can give rise to social connections and they work with the industry to bring about necessary system changes in construction or give their critical and inclusive interpretation of internet culture.

View the Annual Report 2020 (in Dutch only).

Have a look at the financial annual report, the Board of Director’s report and the 2020 quality assurance along with the overview of grants awarded in 2020 (in Dutch only).

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