Fair Practice Code, Governance Code for Culture and the Diversity and Inclusion Code

The Fair Practice Code, the Governance Code for Culture and the Diversity and Inclusion Code together aim for a healthy and resilient sector. Each of these codes has its own focus: the Fair Practice Code aims for a stronger employment market position for those who work in the sector, the Governance Code for Culture aims for good governance and the Diversity and Inclusion Code aims for a structural embedding of cultural diversity within organizations.

what does the Fund expect in relation to the three codes?

Applicants subscribe and adhere to the Fair Practice Code, the Governance Code for Culture and the Diversity and Inclusion Code. The Fund expects applicants to have an active and implemented policy in place for the three codes and asks them to reflect on their current position in relation to the codes and a plan containing points of improvement, concrete actions and goals for the 2025-2028 period. In this regard, the Fund acknowledges that compliance with the codes depends on the organization’s context. In your application, avoid describing the importance of the codes in a general sense.

how does the Fund monitor the application of cultural codes?

Organizations that are included in the Fund’s long-term schemes will be monitored during the grant period. In the accountability documents, we ask for specific information about developments and steps that were taken in applying the cultural codes. In doing so, we look at the initial position, ambitions, actions and then the results achieved. If there is not enough progress, the Fund will invite the organization for a meeting.

where can I find more information about the cultural codes?

For more information (in Dutch) about the contents and application of the codes, you can go to:
- Fair Practice Code: www.fairpracticecode.nl
- Diversity and Inclusion Code: www.codedi.nl
- Governance Code for Culture: www.cultuur-ondernemen.nl/governance-code-cultuur

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what is the Fair Practice Code?

The Fair Practice Code is a code of conduct for entrepreneurship and working in art, culture and the creative industry based on five core values: solidarity, diversity, sustainability, trust and transparency. The code functions as an umbrella for schemes and guidelines to improve the earning capacity and the development perspectives of those who work in the cultural and creative sector. The Fund subscribes to the values that underpin the Fair Practice Code and scrutinizes to see whether the code is being applied in project applications. The extent to which this is done depends on the scheme.

what should I do if my organization does not have a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) or fee guidelines?

There is no specific remuneration policy for the creative industry. This makes it tricky to select which hourly rates to include in your budget. In that case, you can always look at a CBA or a guideline of a comparable sector or discipline. Just make sure that you clarify why you have chosen a particular remuneration policy.

the Fair Practice Code is about more than reasonable remuneration. does the Fund also scrutinize other elements of the code?

The Fund assumes that applicants adhere to the entire Fair Practice Code. This extends further than just fair pay. When monitoring long-term subsidized organizations, we expect that all the Fair Practice Code’s aspects are reflected.

what is a realistic fee?

The amount of a realistic fee depends on various factors. On the websites below you can find various tools that can help you to determine a fair rate: