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The design sector includes a great range of practices and disciplines. To support makers in the best way with their artistic and substantive development, the Creative Industries Fund NL offers various grants: ‘for makers of the future and for makers’ futures’.

The Fund aspires to play a pioneering role in the creative industry. That’s why we expressly offer scope to innovate, experiment and research. Connecting design to current themes and collaborative parties in other sectors, leads to distinctive ideas. Through various grant schemes and open calls, makers are given the scope to come to a deeper understanding, new mindsets and, of course, new work. Overall, we facilitate the increasing enrichment of the areas of expertise.

Animation For makers of the future and for makers’ futures

three basic grant schemes

Aimed at the fields of design, architecture and digital culture, the Fund has three basic grant schemes under which makers can apply for grants for projects. The diversity of subsidized projects is significant and they range from artistic research or research by design and product development to projects that lead to reflection and debate or various audience activities. The theme, issue, setup, method and expertise involved are determined by the makers themselves.

interdisciplinary grants schemes

In addition to the grant schemes for the specific areas of expertise, the Fund also has various interdisciplinary grant schemes aimed at talent development, experiments and internationalization. Within these grant schemes, grants can be applied for from various disciplines within the fields of design, architecture and digital culture. Projects are set up by the makers themselves.

The grant schemes Upstream: Music x Design and Immerse\Interact are aimed at interdisciplinary projects as well. Through both grant schemes we stimulate new collaborations with makers in the music and film industry and support innovative music and media productions. The Immerse\Interact Grant Scheme is implemented in collaboration with the Netherlands Film Fund.

open calls

To offer the possibility of one-off grants aimed at current themes or events, makers can turn to open calls, such as the Open Call Research, Act & Reflect, which the Fund started for projects looking at decolonization, emancipation, gender diversity and comparable topics. Through open calls, we also offer workplaces in Arita, the Japanese ceramics region, for example, and the opportunity to present on the international stage, such as at the Salone del Mobile in Milan and the Architecture Biennale in Venice. The frameworks for the open calls are determined by the Fund.


Targeting the full breadth of the sector, the Fund implements Innovationlabs together with CLICKNL on behalf of all state culture funds. This programme gives an impulse to the development of useful knowledge and new working methods that will help the cultural and creative sector to become more agile and resilient in the longer term. Innovationlabs is initiated in response to the recommendation from the Council for Culture in its advisory report Onderweg naar Overmorgen (2020).