Professionalization and deepening of the practice – 26 projects selected

In the ninth edition of the Open Call for Professionalization and deepening of the practice – focusing on the fields of design, architecture and digital culture – 26 projects have been selected. A reflection on the selection.

30 June 2022

general impression

As in previous editions of this open call, the designers and agencies submitting applications present an extremely diverse picture: ranging from relative starters to mid-career and established applicants. Particularly striking was the self-reflection and honesty that was clear from the applications. Many applicants were transparent about challenges and obstacles they experience and knew how to translate this into opportunities and solutions. For many applicants, the Covid-19 crisis has either provided time to reflect and the decision to make changes, or has led to the need to change direction with their own practice. This open call came at the right time for these parties. It is also noteworthy that the majority of applicants want to use the grant to involve a business coach and focus on improving acquisition. This fits well within the framework of this open call; the advisers would like to point out to applicants that it can also be very valuable to involve a more content-related partner.


The following 26 applications have been selected:

Studio Simone Post
Studio Nauta
Serge Schoemaker Architects
Bits of Space
Geert Nellen
Studio Gimbrère (photo above)
Suzanne Oude Hengel
Adrianus Kundert United Enterprises
Albert van Abbe
Cas Studio
Barzilay & Ferwerda
Stichting Studio Immersief
Sanne van de Goor
Nadia Nena

Studio Kornelia Dimitrova
Nienke Hoogvliet
Lieselot Elzinga
Michael Snitker
Arvand Pourabbasi
Thessa Meijer
Eva Eland
Studio Camiel Derkx
Studio Iwan Pol
Job van den Berg
Maidie van den Bos
Merel Barends

Studio Nauta


The applications were assessed by Simon de Ruijter, Katía Truijen and Frank Verkade. They were assessed against the following criteria:

- The artistic quality of the portfolio;
- The sharpness of the reflection on the development of their own practice until now and how this step can add value for a more future-proof practice;
- The quality of the planned approach in relation to the intended result, and dealing with the Covid-19 reality;
- The quality of the contribution of the partners/advisers involved.

Suzanne Oude Hengel


From the 37 proposals assessed, 26 proposals were selected, bringing the percentage of applications being awarded grants to 70%. The selected projects are distributed over the disciplines as follows: design 14, digital culture 1, architecture 6 and interdisciplinary 5. This Open Call for Professionalization and deepening of the practice was able to be issued due to the additional funds made available by the Minister as a consequence of Covid-19. The budget available was € 300,000. The maximum contribution per project was € 7,500.

A new Open Call for Professionalization and deepening of the practice will follow at the end of this year. Keep an eye on the newsletter for more news.