Matchmaking for Dutch/Flemish game developers

The Fund, together with the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), is organizing a matchmaking process to bring together Dutch and Flemish game developers. In doing so, both funds want to emphasize the potential of collaboration projects.

16 June 2022

funding in two countries

Besides sharing knowledge, skills, network and market, among other things, the funds are underlining that collaboration has financial advantages as well. Dutch/Flemish game developers can actually apply in both countries for subsidies for collaboration projects. Relevant grant schemes for these projects at the Creative Industries Fund NL are the Digital Culture Grant Scheme and the Internationalization of the Design Sector Grant Scheme. Flemish game developers can apply to a new co-development grant scheme: the Flemish/Dutch call, or to the VAF/Game Fund’s regular application rounds.


To connect Dutch and Flemish makers, the Fund and VAF have set up a matchmaking process via the online Meet2Match platform. Supply and demand are brought together here and you can browse through the profiles to find a good match. Dutch and Flemish game developers who are looking for a partner to develop and implement a project can register here.


The deadlines for the above grant schemes this calendar year are as follows:
Digital Culture Grant Scheme – 17 August and 12 October 2022
Internationalization of the design sector Grant Scheme – 22 September 2022

You can see the VAF deadlines here.

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