Extra subsidy possibility Immerse\Interact XL Grant Scheme

For the 31 August 2021 application round of the Immerse\Interact Grant Scheme, there is the possibility of an additional realization contribution: Immerse\Interact XL. The subsidy possibility is aimed at projects where COVID-19 has eliminated chances for the required additional Dutch or international funding.

In addition to the existing subsidy options within the Immerse\Interact Grant Scheme, there is an extra possibility in the round of 31 August: Immerse\Interact XL. The available budget stems from the COVID-19 support measures taken by the Ministry. The Immerse\Interact XL Grant Scheme is a stimulus for projects within the interdisciplinary media landscape.

extra impulse

The aim of the Immerse\Interact XL Grant Scheme is to give makers of immersive and interactive works an extra impulse and to provide them with additional support for their projects. The XL grants of up to € 200,000 per project can be used for activities to realize the high international ambitions, add production value and provide space for groundbreaking media research in an international context.

who is this for?

For the Immerse\Interact XL Grant Scheme, we are looking for distinctive, ambitious immersive and/or interactive media projects that have the potential to appeal to an international audience. New projects, but also projects with international potential that have already received a development or realization contribution from Immerse\Interact, but where chances to receive the required additional international funding have been lost due to COVID-19, can submit an application.

Netherlands Film Fund

The Immerse\Interact XL Grant Scheme is a collaboration between the Creative Industries Fund NL and the Netherlands Film Fund. Applications can only be submitted in digital form to the Netherlands Film Fund. Get in contact for more information via Nienke Doekes, project supervisor Selective Funding Netherlands Film Fund or Sean Gilis, coordinator Immerse\Interact Grant Scheme at Creative Industries Fund NL.