Digital Culture – 26 projects selected

In the second Digital Culture round of 2021, 26 proposals have been selected. All the positively assessed applications were awarded grants. Coordinator Sean Gilis reflects on the round.

general impression

All the positively assessed applications received grants in this round. Almost half the applications concerned a starting grant. The selection was made from a wide range of projects: ranging from (serious) games, sound performance and digital storytelling to research that often focuses on current themes. Here is a selection of the positively assessed applications:

Post Now Series: Last Grain of Sand –
Post Neon
The aim of Post Now Series: Last Grain of Sand is to make the viewer aware of the underexposed story about sand scarcity. The design-driven research project is a virtual exploration that examines our relationship with sand, one of nature's most vital resources. Inspired by a poetic and educational lecture by sand expert Michael Welland, Post Neon lays out an imaginary journey in five chapters: Genesis, Human Alchemy, Greed, Anthropocene and Natural Relic. The Post Now collective consists of Ali Eslami, Niels Moolenaar, Post Neon, Arno Hoogland, Charlotte Rohde, Pim Boreel and Partners involved include MU Hybrid Art House, Isolde Hallensleben, Fontys School for Journalism, STRP, FIBER, Atelier NL, and Danielle Arets.

Philith Haus

Sylla - Philith Haus
Art collective Philth Haus is concerned with two central questions: What does it mean to be a human being? And what does it mean to be a young girl within Western economic systems? In Sylla, both concepts come together and the notions of humanity and gender are explored. This project on artificial intelligence involves collaboration with experts in the fields of computer programming, somatic therapy, gender linguistics and environmental integration through light and sound. The result is an exhibition that will take place physically and virtually in 2022. Sylla hopes to reach an audience large enough to have an impact on the way the Dutch public enforces ideologies relating to what gender and humanity should mean. Sylla embodies both identities, making her a fruitful means to challenge the assumptions that are made.

Digital Witchcraft Lab: Emancipatory Juxtapositions of Magic and Computer Science
- Digital Witchcraft
The design research project Digital Witchcraft Lab aims to explore the interface between digital technologies and the supernatural. The project will highlight the connection between these two fields, influencing as a result the tech industry and design sector with a new artistic perspective that incorporates ancient supernatural traditions. During the research, a public programme will be organized in Rotterdam and Amsterdam in which thinkers, makers and techies are invited to reflect on and test digital tools as proxies for the supernatural. There is a collaboration with V2_ for the project.

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Of the 63 subsidy applications taken into consideration, 26 are receiving grants. This brings the percentage of applications receiving grants to 41%. The budget available for this round was € 399,487. The deadline for the third round of Digital Culture in 2021 is 18 August.