Advisory committee Four-year Institutional Grant Scheme known

2024 is a defining year for the Dutch cultural and creative sector. Cultural institutions have submitted their grant applications within the basic cultural infrastructure (bis) and the various multi-year grant schemes of the national culture funds. The institutions being awarded grants will be announced in July this year. This will shape the subsidized part of the arts and culture infrastructure for the next four years.

The Fund received a total of 41 applications from institutions within the creative industries under the Four-Year Institutional Grant Scheme. The grant scheme is divided into two categories: category I for cultural institutions that carry out a comprehensive activities programme within the creative industries at a scale similar to the institutions included in the bis, and category II for cultural institutions that carry out an activities programme within the creative industries. By means of this division, the Fund ensures that exchange with the bis remains possible, both now and in the future. This approach has proven itself over the past four years.

By now, the composition of the committee that will advise on the applications is also known. When putting together the committee, the Fund took a careful approach. Experienced advisers were sought from the various existing advisory committees, with the Fund also seeking additional expertise in different disciplines.

The advisory committee for the Four-Year Institutional Grant Scheme consists of the following people:
Annelies Thoelen (chair)
Peter Vanden Abeele (architecture)
Victoria Anastasyadis (design)
Hanneke Beynen (cross-sectoral)
Pieter van Boheemen (digital culture)
Roberto Luis Martins (design)
Arna Mačkić (architecture)
Joost Raessens (digital culture)
Marion Tränkle (digital culture)

An overview of all the committee members’ other functions can be found here.

The outcome of the Four-year Institutional Grant Scheme for Creative Industries will be announced on 3 July 2024 in a coordinated manner. It will be done simultaneously with the outcome of the cultural basic infrastructure and the outcome of the multi-year grant schemes of the other national funds. In the event that applications are being supported in the bis, the application to the Fund will be annulled. Agreements have also been reached with fellow funds in this regard.