Márk Redele about interest-free borrowing at Fonds Kwadraat

Makers who have received grants from the Creative Industries Fund NL in the past three years can apply to Fonds Kwadraat for additional funding. At Fonds Kwadraat, these makers can easily and quickly take out an interest-free loan of up to € 8,000. For example, for equipment, the continuation of a project, additional research or the presentation of a project. A good example is Márk Redele with his Porcelain research.

Installation Márk Redele

Designer and architect Márk Redele is researching porcelain in relation to architecture. He is searching for the physical limits of the material by casting it in an unusual size: the dimensions of a 40 mm-thick plywood construction panel typically used as a partition. Redele looks at the distortions that occur and how this language of form contributes to a poetic destabilization of fundamental architectural elements.

Architecture grant

Redele received a grant of € 17,460 in 2021 for his research in the context of the Architecture Grant Scheme. Márk: ‘I applied to the Fund for a project grant as a follow-up to a grant for research in which I investigated the feasibility of large-scale porcelain slip casting and firing. With the project grant, I aim to carry out the research in an exhibition context or an architectural scenario.’

Installation Márk Redele

interest-free loan

In 2022, Redele took out an interest-free loan of € 8,000 with Fonds Kwadraat. Márk: ‘I applied for the loan to expand my financial options and to be able to fully concentrate on my research and work. I see the value of the loan from Fonds Kwadraat there; the loan allows me to defer certain financial responsibilities until I have time to earn money again. Now I want to pay uncompromising attention to my project.’

Márk did not have to wait for the deadline of Fonds Kwadraat with his application and his project did not have to be assessed again by the Fonds Kwadraat committee: the subsidy and loan are arranged at one desk. This is the benefit of the collaboration between the Fund and Fonds Kwadraat. Márk: ‘I had a smooth, hassle-free experience with Fonds Kwadraat and was able to access the loan without any complicated bureaucratic steps. The interest-free construction makes it easy to commit to the loan and makes the process relatively stress-free.’

practical information

An interest-free loan from Fonds Kwadraat can stand alone or be supplementary to a grant, crowdfunding, sponsorships, or a combination of these. The loan amount is between € 500 and € 8,000. Repayment is in monthly instalments over a maximum of three years. For an amount exceeding € 5,000, security is required. Examples of projects that Fonds Kwadraat has funded can be seen here.

Have you not received a grant from the Fund but would you like to borrow interest-free? There are five application rounds per year. The upcoming deadlines are 18 September and 13 November 2022.

For more information, visit the Fonds Kwadraat website, or contact Francine Mendelaar at fmendelaar@fondskwadraat.nl or 020-6255112.