Opening International Vouchers

Today, on 20 September 2023, the new Vouchers International period opened. Given the available budget, the grant scheme will close when 30 complete applications have been submitted.

The procedure for this year's second period has been changed in two respects:
- The grant scheme will close when 30 complete applications have been submitted. This is because we expect to reach the grant ceiling of € 50,000 with this number of applications.
- If your submitted application meets the conditional criteria, you will be invited for a short digital interview with the Fund in which a decision on the application will be made.

conditional criteria

Vouchers international can be applied for by Dutch-based professionals in the fields of design, architecture and/or digital culture who have been invited by a foreign party to give a presentation, lecture or workshop, for example. Only complete applications will be considered. Applications are assessed against the following four conditional criteria:

- In the past five years, you have submitted an application to the Fund that has been positively assessed, with the exception of applications within International Vouchers;
- There is a motivated invitation from a relevant, foreign party;
- The inviting foreign party covers a proportionate part of the costs you have to incur to carry out the foreign activity;
- In the application, you have explained how the purpose and set-up of the foreign activity contribute to your professional practice.

If you wood like to submit an application, take a close look at the grants page, including the Voucher Procedure Grant Scheme. Here you will find more information about the conditions, criteria and objectives of the scheme and an overview and explanation of the requested documents.