International Vouchers – 29 projects selected

In the first period of International Vouchers in 2024, 29 applications were awarded grants. These vouchers increase the impact of an existing project and/or the applicant’s practice internationally.

13 June 2024

International Vouchers are aimed at Netherlands-based professionals in the fields of design, architecture and/or digital culture who have been invited by a foreign party to give a presentation, lecture or workshop, for example. The grant constitutes a contribution to the costs of an overseas activity, such as reimbursement for hours, travel and accommodation costs directly related to the activity. Through this grant scheme, the Fund aims to contribute to strengthening the international practice, experience and exchange of the professionals.

general impression

Notable this period is that most of the selected projects fall within the field of design. The various activities range from workshops to lectures, presentations and exhibitions. The selected projects are spread across 21 countries, 6 of which are outside Europe. They include projects in Taiwan, Estonia, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Germany and Malaysia.


The International Vouchers procedure is low-threshold and geared towards quick processing. Applications are assessed internally on the following points:

- The applicant has been positively assessed by the Creative Industries Fund NL in the past five years;
- The applicant has a written motivated invitation from a foreign party;
- The inviting foreign party covers a proportionate part of the costs to be incurred in carrying out the foreign activity.
- The activity abroad contributes to the applicant’s professional practice.


A total budget of € 50,000 was available for this period, with each project receiving a maximum contribution of € 1,500 or € 2,500, depending on whether the activity was taking place inside or outside Europe. A total of € 46,848 has been awarded.


The new International Vouchers period opens on 5 September 2024. This closes when 30 complete applications have been submitted. As a result, we expect to reach the grant ceiling – the available budget – for this period.