New: International Vouchers

Today, the Creative Industries Fund NL opened a new grant scheme: Vouchers International. The grant scheme is for Dutch-based designers, architects and makers who have been positively assessed by the Fund in the past five years and have an invitation from a foreign party for, for example, a presentation, lecture or workshop that contributes to enhancing international practice, experience and exchange.

8 February 2023

With International Vouchers, the Fund wants to contribute to enhancing the international practice, experience and exchange of designers, architects and makers who are based in the Netherlands. The grant is intended to be a contribution to the expenses relating to a foreign activity, through which the scope, impact and visibility of an applicant’s ongoing project and/or practice can be increased in an international context.

continuous submission
International Vouchers is an ongoing grant scheme. Once the grant scheme is open, you can apply at any time. A distinction is made between trips within and outside Europe (max € 1,500 within Europe and max € 2,500 outside Europe).

budget depleted, scheme closed

The first period is open as long as the budget is sufficient. If the budget of the period is exceeded, the grant scheme closes immediately and any proposals submitted later will no longer be considered.

want to know more?

Read the International Vouchers and Voucher Procedure Grant Scheme to determine whether your project meets the formal requirements.
Or register for our online information session on Thursday 2 March 2023. Coordinator International Vouchers Carlijn Limburg will then explain the scheme and answer questions.