Five scouts in search of new talent

Philip van Vorstenbosch, Wouter Pocornie, Shirin Mirachor, Dina Ziad and Glenda Pattipeilohy have been appointed by the Fund as scouts for the Scout Nights 2024. Through the scout nights, designers and makers, who have developed professionally in practice or have completed MBO education in a design direction, have the opportunity to apply for a €25,000 grant from the Talent Development Grant Scheme.

We organize five scout nights across the country. Scout nights are private and each pitch location has its own scout. If you are selected during the scout nights, you will receive € 1,000 for drawing up a development plan. The development plan will form the core of your application for a €25,000 grant in the second selection phase, which takes place through the Talent Development Grant Scheme. A maximum of 25 applicants can be selected in the scout nights.


Philip van Vorstenbosch, Zwolle

North Region (Zwolle)

Philip van Vorstenbosch has been part of the Zwolle scene for more than 15 years. As a musician, host, podcast maker and cultural entrepreneur, he has built a network through different layers of the creative sector in Zwolle and its surroundings. He is experienced in connecting people to each other, to funds and to cool projects. Philip: ‘If you follow your creativity, you are always on the right track.’

Wouter Pocornie, Amsterdam

Middle Region (Amsterdam)

Wouter Pocornie is an architect, urban designer and researcher, and works on various projects and initiatives via his own one-man business 26H, through which he is also regularly involved in projects outside his direct discipline. Wouter works through Bijlmer Believers 3.0 on strategy formation and community building within Amsterdam Zuidoost, was a Partner at Prospect Eleven and was at the forefront of its set-up, is a coordinator at The Black Archives Bijlmer and has been a member of the Fund’s Architecture advisory committee since 2021, in addition to being on ARCAM’s Programme Board.

Dina Ziad, Utrecht

Middle Region (Utrecht)

Dina Ziad-Westmaas is co-founder of OP&, the new presentation space for visual arts, fashion and design that will open its doors on Berlijnplein in 2025. In her work, Dina is committed to creating more space for new stories and showcasing the richness of different cultures through interdisciplinary programmes.

Dina Ziad

Foto: Maan Limburg

Shirin Mirachor, Rotterdam

South Region (Rotterdam)

Shirin Mirachor is founder and director of the cultural institute (A)WAKE and one of the forces behind the MONO club/space in Rotterdam. She focuses specifically on the so-called ‘in-between’: makers and thinkers who are comfortable with in-between space and fluidity. With projects such as the four-day New Radicalism festival, the audio-visual experiment H3ritages Studios or the New Activism talk series, she likes to navigate in a playful way around identity, representation and art and politics.

Glenda Pattipeilohy, Eindhoven

South Region (Eindhoven)

Glenda Pattipeilohy educates, curates and produces programmes and moments with a single mission: to expand and centre the collective awareness of underexposed stories, knowledge and realities. She does this in the Netherlands, for example, with the Beyond Walls collective of which she is a proud part, the artists’ collective AMI Awareness Moluccan Identity, and in the Moluccas with Moluccas Coastal Care where climate, sustainability and watching over the coast are central issues. Born and raised in Eindhoven, Glenda is proud to work on education and projects at the Van Abbemuseum.

Glenda Pattipeilohy
Scout Night Utrecht 2023. Foto's: Derek Zomer

talent development grant scheme

The scout nights take place within the frameworks of the Talent Development Grant Scheme and are for designers and makers who have not completed a design or architecture course at college or university level in the Netherlands or abroad. In this way, the Fund enables designers and makers from different social, economic and cultural backgrounds to further artistically develop and professionalize their design practice.

The scout nights are open to makers who have an individual practice or work as a collective and work within the (sub)disciplines of design, architecture or digital culture or a crossover between these. Practices on the borders of the disciplines are also welcome, such as street art, art direction and styling.

Read the Talent Development Grant Scheme for the conditions and restrictions.

Scout Night Eindhoven 2023. Foto's: Derek Zomer

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