Open Call Residency Abroad

For designers, architects, makers and observers who have their own practice and wish to spend a working period in a residency abroad.


closing date passed

€ 15,000

maximum contribution per residency

€ 250,000

budget 2023

Important information

what is the purpose of this open call?

With this open call, the Fund wants to stimulate the artistic and professional development of established designers and makers. In this regard, residencies serve as a retreat for research and experiment. The emphasis is on exchange and reciprocity; the selected theme or subject also has to be of relevance to the place where the sor to the organization that makes this residency possible. It is also important for the proposal to relate to the local context and to link up with a shared question, subject or relevant issue.

who is this open call for?

This open call is open to professional designers, architects, makers and observers who have had their own practice in the creative industry for at least four years. The applicant is established in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and has to be registered in the Commercial Register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce or in one of the Chambers of Commerce that fall within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

which projects are eligible for a grant?

The Open Call Residency Abroad focuses on temporary work periods to develop and/or research an idea and/or design outside one’s own context. Further applicable conditions:
- The residency takes place in a country outside the Kingdom of the Netherlands;
- The residency lasts at least two months and at most six;
- The residency starts within eight months after the date of the decision;
- There is a well-motivated plan in which the residency’s relevance and objective are set out;
- The facilitating organization/place of the residency offers at least one or more of the following: a work place, accommodation, access to facilities and/or materials and guidance.

In addition to the conditions stated above, the board reviews applications for travel safety and sustainability.

The contribution of a minimum of € 5,000 and a maximum of € 15,000 is intended only for participation, travel, rental, material and presentation costs.

which projects are not eligible for support?

In addition to the provisions of Article 5 of the Open Call Grant Scheme, support cannot be applied for within this procedure:
- If there is a working relationship between the parties involved;
- If a work period at the residency in question is continued;
- For residencies in the context of a course of study or training.

how do you prepare an application?

In order to prepare the application, it is important to acquire the right information based on the following documents:

Open Call Residency Abroad
Applications are assessed on the basis of the Open Call Residency Abroad, which describes the reason and objective, central questions, criteria and procedure.

Open Call Grant Scheme
Applications are assessed on the basis of the Open Call Grant Scheme, which describes the general conditions, grounds for rejection, manner of publication, submission procedure, assessment, the award and any grant obligations. For this open call, Article 4(1)(e) of the Fund’s Open Call Grant Scheme does not apply.

Grant Application Guidelines
The Grant Application Guidelines provide guidance and tips on preparing a grant application. You can use it to draw up your application as completely as possible

what is assessed?

Applications are assessed on the basis of the Open Call Residency Abroad and the Open Call Grant Scheme.

assessment criteria
- The artistic value of the project;
- The plan of action and the relevance to the expected development of the practice;
- Context and exchange.

what happens to your application?

When you have submitted your application, the Fund Desk will check if your application complies with the formal requirements of the Open Call Grant Scheme.

An independent advisory committee will assess your application on the basis of the Open Call Grant Scheme and Open Call Residency Abroad. The committee advises the Fund’s Board.

The assessment of the open call takes the form of a tender: this means that within the available budget, a number of proposals are chosen above the others. Only positively assessed applications will be supported.

The Board takes account of the committee’s advice in its decision on the rejection or provision of the grant. You will be notified about the result in a decision.

If you receive a grant from the Fund, then you will have to comply with the obligations. Two weeks before the conclusion of your project, you will be asked by email to submit your accountability form in the application environment.

important documents

How to achieve a convincing application?

Steps to take

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do you have any questions?

If anything is not clear, please send your question by e-mail to Roxanne Minten or Milton Blaaker via Join us during the consultation hour of this open call on 4 September 2023. Or you can also phone 010 436 16 00. If you have a more general question, read the frequently asked questions first.