Residency Abroad – 13 projects selected

A total of 13 projects have been selected in the Open Call Residency Abroad. A reflection on the selection.

background and general impression

With the Open Call Residency Abroad, the Fund wants to encourage designers to take a new step in the artistic and professional development of their practice and to raise their profile internationally. As havens for experimentation and research, and for exploring, expanding and building national and international contacts, networks and fields of activity, residencies are ideally suited for this purpose.

The Fund received a variety of proposals in response to this open call. Of interest were the many different forms the proposed residencies take, including a nomadic residency between four countries around a single theme, residencies in which local communities are directly involved in the design and implementation of the project, and research residencies focused on experimentation with craft techniques. There was also great diversity in themes and topics, including ecology, ‘waithood’, identity including queer identity, popular culture, transnational vernaculars and traditional instruments and techniques. A noteworthy aspect is the number of applications related in approach or theme to sound, including opera, sonification of nature and indigenous sonic rituals.

Great importance was attached in the assessment to the relationship between the residency and the local context, and the local relevance of the residency. Almost all the applications were related to the local context and many included a research component in which local traditions, practices or techniques were explored, in some cases together with local parties. Examples include researching dress codes and symbolism within communities, delving deeper into regional histories and cultures, or experimenting with local materials. In several proposals, there was a clear reflection on local practices and challenges, showing cultural sensitivity to the context in which the residency takes place.

Studio Poortvliet, Engagement by Design


The following 13 projects have been selected:
Theodurus Johannes | Duitsland – Queer Needlework Circle – Collectie Berlin
Sébastien Robert | Frankrijk – Rise and Fall
Siba Sahabi | Japan – Inei
Oana Clitan Graphic Design | Griekenland – Dear April / Birth of OPPER
Studio Polina Medvedeva | Noorwegen – BAR International artistic research residency
Sigrun Gyda | Groot-Brittannië – Skjóta
Davy van Gerven | Japan – Residency Tokas Tokio
Studio Poortvliet | Thailand – Engagement by Design
Paolo Patelli | Italië – Whistleblowing Gardens
Millonaliu | Italië – A Natural Oasis? A Transnational Nomadic Research Residency Program
Studio Andreas Kühne | Noorwegen – BEK Residency: Electronic Conceptions of the Metamorphic
Mina Abouzahra | Marokko – Fruits of the Loom (foto above)
Elstudio | Portugal – Industrially 3D Printed Ceramics


To arrive at a selection, the proposals were assessed according to the following criteria:
- The artistically relevant quality of the project;
- The planned approach and the motivation;
- The relevance of the residency to the expected practice development.

The assessment took the form of a tender: a number of proposals were preferred to the other submissions. The advisory committee consisted of: Ama van Dantzig, Didier Lebon and Ista Boszhard.


From the 18 proposals assessed, 13 were selected, bringing the percentage of applications being awarded grants to 72%. A budget of € 300,000 was available for this open call. The maximum contribution per project was € 15,000. The contribution is intended to cover the costs of participation, travel, rental, accommodation, materials and presentation.


This was the Fund’s first open call for residencies abroad as part of a wider residency programme within the Internationalization programme. In 2023, the Open Call Residency Abroad will be relaunched and targeted residencies/workplaces abroad will be offered. Keep an eye on our newsletter for information.