Immerse\Interact (XL) – 8 projects selected

In the context of the Immerse\Interact collaborative grant scheme, the Creative Industries Fund NL and the Netherlands Film Fund are supporting five projects within the interdisciplinary media landscape. Three projects are receiving an XL contribution for the realization of their project.

Symbiosis - Marcel van Brakel, Mark Meeuwenoord en Polymorf i.s.m. Studio Biarritz

The Immerse\Interact Grant Scheme focuses on the crossover between film, design and digital culture, where new ground has arisen in which digital pioneers, interaction designers and graphic designers work together with directors, screenwriters and producers. It results in innovative media productions where digital storytelling and interactive or immersive media play a central role.

During this second round of 2021, the following projects were selected for a development contribution:

  • Zeitgeist in Conversation – Sjoerd Leijten and Stijn Verhoeff
  • Sonic Tornado - Marieke Verbiesen
  • Body - Roshan Nejal and MOONDOCS
  • De Erfenis - Maartje Wegdam and Stichting Copper Views
  • Gay Simulator - Iris van der Meule and Studio Biarritz
More Moiré3 - Philip Vermeulen

Immerse\Interact XL

During the last application round of 31 August 2021, it was possible to apply for a realization contribution (or additional contribution), in the context of the COVID-19 support measures. The aim of the Immerse\Interact XL pilot grant scheme is to give makers of immersive and interactive works an extra impulse and to provide their projects with support (or additional support) in order to achieve high international ambitions and to create space for groundbreaking media research in an international context. New projects, but also projects with international potential that have already received a development or realization contribution from Immerse\Interact, but where chances to receive the required additional national or international funding have been lost due to COVID-19, could submit an application for this grant scheme.

The following three projects are receiving an XL contribution:

  • Symbiosis - Marcel van Brakel, Mark Meeuwenoord and Polymorf in collaboration with Studio Biarritz
  • More Moiré3 - Philip Vermeulen and Stichting Sonic Acts
  • The Imaginary Friend - Steye Hallema and Stichting Submarine Channel


The next deadline for the Immerse\Interact Grant Scheme is on Tuesday, 8 February 2022. It is advisable to contact the grant scheme coordinator, Sean Gilis at the Creative Industries Fund NL, well in advance of submitting a proposal. If you have any questions, you can also contact Nienke Doekes at the Netherlands Film Fund. The grant scheme falls under the subsidy regulations of the Netherlands Film Fund.