Immerse\Interact – 12 projects selected

In the context of the Immerse\Interact collaborative grant programme, the Creative Industries Fund NL and the Netherlands Film Fund are supporting 12 projects within the interdisciplinary media landscape.

12 May 2020

Sean Gilis, coordinator Immerse\Interact: 'The Immerse\Interact Grant Scheme was launched last year. We see that more and more applications for realization are being supported after starting with a development grant in 2019. It's good that the development-realization phasing in this respect is in line with the field that the grant programme serves.'


An external advisory committee selected the projects. For Immerse\Interact, the collaborating partners were looking for projects in which artistic research and experimentation in the area of digital storytelling and the utilization of interactive or immersive media play a central role.

In the first round of 2020, the following have been awarded grants:

Starting grant


  • Orphee et Eurydice – Robin Coops, Willem Bruls and Stichting M31 Foundation
  • Eclipse – Ali Eslami Karrabi and Alllesss
  • Anouschka –Tamara Shogaolu, Sandy Bosmans and Stichting Ado Ato Interactive



The budget available for this round was € 650,000. Of the 25 proposals received, 12 were awarded grants. This brings the percentage of applications receiving grants to 48%.


The next deadline for Immerse\Interact is Tuesday, 25 August 2020. It is advisable to contact the grant programme coordinator, Sean Gilis, well in advance of submitting a proposal. The grant programme falls under the subsidy regulations of the Netherlands Film Fund, as a result of which adapted entry requirements apply.


Immerse\Interact was set up as a grant programme with the extra financial impulse for innovation from the government's coalition agreement. As a result, the former Non-fiction Transmedia grant programme – an earlier Creative Industries Fund NL and Netherlands Film Fund collaborative grant programme – could be broadened, and it is now possible to apply for both fiction and documentary projects.