300 million euro extra for cultural sector

The cabinet is making an additional 300 million euro available for the cultural sector. This support will help cultural institutions that are vital to the sector through the financially difficult first months of the corona crisis. The 300 million euro package now being realized is in addition to the previous measures.

17 April 2020

'The main purpose of this package is to support institutions that are essential for the sector as a whole,' said Minister Van Engelshoven. 'By supporting precisely these crucial cultural organizations now, they can ensure that after the crisis, the flow of assignments, including those for freelancers, will get underway again.' The Minister aims to start implementing these measures as soon as possible.

The additional 300 million euro is made up of four components. The money will be used, for instance, to increase subsidies for institutions in the basic cultural infrastructure and for institutions and festivals being supported for a number of years by the six national culture funds: Creative Industries Fund NL, Mondriaan Fund, Netherlands Film Fund, Dutch Foundation for Literature, Cultural Participation Fund and Performing Arts Fund.

In the coming weeks, more details about the development of the four components will be announced by the Ministry.

For more information, read the Parliamentary Letter (PDF) (in Dutch only) and/or the news item on this subject at Rijksoverheid.nl.