Breakfast session Design your own rate

On Wednesday 26 October 2022, Platform ACCT* (Labour Market Cultural and Creative Future) and the Creative Industries Fund NL will organize a breakfast session on fair pay for designers during Dutch Design Week. After an explanation of the first steps and results that have been made in concretising fair pay within the design field, we would like to discuss with you the (im)possibilities of developing a practical tool for determining fair pay.

Designers have original ideas. So they have to agree with their work providers on yet unknown products or services. On both sides, therefore, there is the threat of unwanted doom images such as being ‘sold for lemons‘ or ‘hard work does not pay‘.

During the DDW session, Platform ACCT will explain the steps that have been taken in the past period to concretize the concept of fair pay for the design field. One of those results are so-called fact sheets that give designers more insight into relevant laws and regulations, rate structure and different work contexts that can influence a rate.

We are curious about your view on fair pay in the design field: how do you position yourself, which rates fit in? We will then enter into a conversation with you on how to proceed: what would help you as a designer further in organising fair pay? Join us for breakfast and share your experiences and ideas!

Date: 26 October 2022
9.30am – 11am (walk in 9am including breakfast)
MU Hybrid Art House, Torenallee 40-06, 5617 BD Eindhoven