Fresh Perspectives – 2 projects selected

In the sixth Open Call Fresh Perspectives, two proposals have been selected for a development contribution. The call focuses on special forms of collaboration between a designer, maker or studio and a party with a strong social or knowledge position. Programme manager Marieke Ladru reflects on the open call.

12 January 2022

In this round of the Open Call Fresh Perspectives #6, two collaborative project proposals were given a positive assessment by the advisory committee:

De toekomst van ons geld (The future of our money) – Carlijn Kingma, Tomas Bollen and Martijn van der Linden

The digitization of our economy and the rise of cryptocurrencies have sparked a debate about the future of our money. This provides a unique opportunity to fundamentally question the workings of the monetary system as well. With the development of a metaphorical language, cartography and a book, designer Carlijn Kingma, together with Thomas Bollen and Martijn van der Linden (Follow the Money), wants to make the political discussion about our money system accessible to a wider audience.

Embodied Connection: interactieve media en verbondenheid – Studio Jelger Kroese, Hanneke Scholten and Thomas van Rompay

Jelger Kroese, in collaboration with Hanneke Scholten and Thomas van Rompay, both affiliated with the University of Twente, will develop an interactive media experience that explores the lack of a sense of connection among students. Many mental and emotional problems that adolescents and young adults face can be traced back to this missing sense of connection. The project Embodied Connection: interactieve media en verbondenheid will co-create with the target audience to identify the barriers experienced in making connection. Based on principles of mindfulness, emotion research and art therapy, a VR prototype will then be developed that can improve users’ sense of connection. The project will be presented through scientific publications and an installation during Dutch Design Week.

Embodied Connection: interactieve media en verbondenheid – Studio Jelger Kroese, Hanneke Scholten and Thomas van Rompay

The selection committee, consisting of Pieter van Boheemen (digital culture), Nathanja van Dijk (design) and Daphne Bakker (architecture), assessed seven proposals in this round. They did so based on five selection criteria:

- The social relevance of the task;
- Effectiveness of the project and consistency in terms of set-up, methodology and expertise;
- The quality and form of the collaborationThe quality of artistic direction and content;
- The extent to which the project adds to the existing practice/design practice.

With two positively assessed applications, the percentage receiving grants comes to 29%.

The open call has three phases. The selected proposals will now receive a development contribution of € 10,000 for the first phase. This phase is dedicated to formalizing the collaboration(s), funding, planning and research framework and should result in a plan for the second phase, the implementation phase. The recommendations of the committee must be incorporated into this plan. For the second phase, € 30,000 is available per project. This phase may be followed by a distribution phase, for which € 5,000 is available per project. The objective of this phase is to strengthen the project's impact outside the creative industries. Being awarded a phase 1 grant is not a guarantee that a grant will be awarded for phases 2 and 3.

looking ahead
For the coming year, the decision has been taken to pause the Open Call Fresh Perspectives. The objective of the open call seems to have been achieved in the field and with the low number of applications, it has been decided to use the funds at this time for other requirements in the field.

Picture above: De toekomst van ons geld, by Carlijn Kingma