Immerse\Interact XL Grant Scheme

For ambitious media productions by film and audiovisual producers exploring the future of digital storytelling in the changing media landscape, focussing on an international audience.


closing date passed

€ 200.000

maximum amount to apply for

€ 500,000

budget 2023

Important information

what is the purpose of this grant scheme?

The Immerse\Interact XL Grant Scheme is a collaborative grant scheme of the Creative Industries Fund NL and the Netherlands Film Fund. Within this grant scheme, we are looking for distinctive, ambitious projects within the interdisciplinary media landscape that are able to reach an international audience. The XL contributions can be used for activities that set out to achieve grand international ambitions, to realize a higher level of quality in production and to give scope for ground-breaking media research in an international context.

New projects, but also projects with international potential that have already received a contribution from the Immerse\Interact Grant Scheme, can apply.

who is this grant scheme intended for?

Film and audiovisual producers with a demonstrable international track record in the field of interactive storytelling or immersive media forms (360-degree videos, virtual reality, augmented reality) can apply for an XL contribution.

Applicants should be legal persons established in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in an EU or EEA member state or in Switzerland. One-man businesses or general partnerships are not considered to be legal persons in this context. The applicant’s principle activity is developing or producing film and/or audiovisual productions within the Netherlands.

Immerse\Interact versus Immerse\Interact XL
In addition to the XL round, it is also possible to submit an application on 11 September for a regular development or realization contribution through the Immerse\Interact Grant Scheme.

which projects are eligible for a grant?

You can submit an application for a primarily Dutch film project:
- with a supporting cinematic component;
- with the contribution being necessary to realize an artistic project in the field of both fictional and non-fictional digital storytelling;
- if the project’s form specifically relates to immersive (360-degree video, VR, AR) and/or interactive media (web-based, gaming, mobile). Crossovers in the form of transmedia productions and installations are also eligible.

Projects that have already received a development and/or realization contribution in the context of Immerse\Interact and new projects are eligible. Projects that have been rejected twice for an Immerse\Interact realization contribution are not eligible.

how do you prepare an application?

Applications within the Immerse\Interact XL Grant Scheme are handled by the Netherlands Film Fund. In order to prepare the application, it is important to acquire the right information based on the regulations and protocols. View this checklist.

what is assessed?

In assessing XL projects, the following is taken into account:

- the artistic concept of the project, with due attention given to the narrative, users journey and technique;
- the vision in terms of immersion and/or interaction, including an explanation of the chosen media;
- the look and feel of the project, with due attention given to the design and cinematic quality;
- the technical set-up of the project;
- work plan of the team including the division of labor and phasing;
- the set-up and explanation of the budget and financing, with attention to feasibility;
- the release plan: intended target group, explanation about reach, online or physical place of screening, communication and distribution strategy - given the focus on international reach, a substantial amount of the budget must be allocated to international distribution, marketing and communication;
- an international track record, based on e.g. international collaborations, such as co-productions, and/or international screenings or letters of intent in that regard, and/or selections, e.g. for festivals, galleries, exhibitions or shows, and/or international prizes and press coverage;
- the feasibility of the national and international distribution plan;
- the positioning of the project in relation to existing productions;
- the possibilities for free screenings and non-exclusive exploitation.

Please note: these are not the attachments required for the application. The requisite attachments are specified in the application form and must be added so that the project can be processed.

The advisory committee checks every application for grant stacking. Applicants that are being supported with a long-term grant are expected to demonstrate what bearing this grant has on the application for Immerse\Interact XL. This also applies to co-producers and other collaboration partners that are specified in the budget.

where do you submit your application?

Applications can only be submitted digitally to the Netherlands Film Fund. The grants office will check applications for completeness and formal requirements as laid down in the General Regulations. Only complete applications submitted before the deadline will be considered. Applications are submitted in Dutch and/or English via the website of the Netherlands Film Fund.

Projects that have previously received a realization contribution from the Immerse\Interact Grant Scheme must add an extra column with XL costs to the previously approved production budget. In addition, the substantive and production changes from the previous realization application must be explained.

what happens to your application?

The Production and Grants Office departments review the production and business aspects of applications. If your application file meets the conditions, it is submitted to an independent advisory committee that evaluates the application. The Immerse\Interact Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the Board of the Film Fund.

Click here to see who is part of the advisory committee.


The Board of the Film Fund and the Board of the Creative Industries Fund NL take the advice of the advisory committee into account in the decision on the application. You will be informed of this decision by means of a written decision.

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