Immerse\Interact XL Grant Scheme

For (supplementary) realization contributions to innovative media productions by both individual creators and producers exploring the future of digital storytelling in a changing media landscape.


closing date passed

€ 200.000

maximum amount to apply for

€ 600,000

budget 2022

Important information

what is the purpose of this grant scheme?

The aim of the Immerse\Interact XL Grant Scheme is to give makers of immersive and interactive works an extra impulse and to provide them with support or additional support for their projects. The XL grants can be used for activities to realize high international ambitions, add production value and provide space for groundbreaking media research in an international context.

who is this scheme intended for?

Film and AV producers with a demonstrable track record in the area of interactive storytelling or immersive media forms (360-degree video, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality) can apply for an XL contribution.

Applicants must be based in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, a member state of the EU, the EEA or Switzerland (but not a sole proprietorship or VOF).

which projects are eligible for a grant?

For the Immerse\Interact XL Grant Scheme, we are looking for distinctive, ambitious immersive and/or interactive media projects that have the potential to appeal to an international audience. New projects, but also projects with international potential that have already received a development or realization contribution from Immerse\Interact, can submit an application.

Eligible are artistic projects (major Dutch film projects) with a supporting cinematic component in which storytelling, both fiction and non-fiction, in relation to interactive (web-based/mobile) or immersive media forms (360-degree video, VR, AR) is central. Crossovers in the form of transmedia productions and installations may also be considered.

A maximum of € 200,000 can be applied for per project (this includes any contribution to realization and distribution previously granted under Immerse\Interact). Projects that have been twice rejected for a realization grant Immerse\Interact are not eligible.

The Fund contribution will not exceed 85% of the production budget. The budget for the production phase must be balanced within six months of a grant being awarded.

how do you prepare an application?

Applications can only be submitted in digital form to the Netherlands Film Fund. In preparation of the application, it is important to inform yourself well on the basis of the regulations and protocols.

what is assessed?

During the evaluation of XL-projects, attention is paid to:

- the project's artistic concept
- explanation of how form and content relate to each other
- step towards the look & feel of the project, with attention for design and cinematic quality, possibly including mood board or clips
- the technical setup of the project
- team members involved in development phase
- the design and explanation of the budget and financing, to what extent these are solid and the end product feasible
- the release plan; intended target group, explanation of reach, (physical) location of the display, communication and distribution strategy (given the focus on international reach, a substantial amount must be reserved in the budget for international distribution, marketing and communication)
- an international track record based on previous international collaborations (co-productions), international screenings and selections (festival, gallery, exhibition or exhibition), and/or international awards and press coverage
- the feasibility of the (inter)national distribution plan
- the positioning of the project in relation to existing productions
- the possibilities for free showing and non-exclusive exploitation

Please note: these are not the necessary attachments for the application. The required attachments are listed in the application form and must all be included in order to be considered for the project.

For each application, the advisory committee examines whether there is an accumulation of subsidies. Applicants supported by a multi-annual grant are expected to demonstrate how this subsidy relates to the application submitted to Immerse\Interact. This also applies to co-producers and other collaboration partners mentioned in the budget.

what happens to your application?

Applications can only be submitted in digital form to the Netherlands Film Fund from 1 July 2022. Please note: You can submit the online application form until 17:00 hours on the day of the closing date. The subsidy office checks applications for completeness and formal requirements as laid down in the General Regulations. Only complete applications submitted before the deadline will be considered.

For projects that have previously received a realization contribution from the Immerse\Interact Grant Scheme, an extra column with XL costs must be added to the previously approved production budget.


The Production department and Subsidy Office assess the production and business aspects of applications. If your application dossier meets the conditions, it will be submitted to an independent advisory committee, which will evaluate the application. The advisory committee issues a recommendation to the Board of the Netherlands Film Fund.

View the composition of the advisory committee here.


The Board takes the advisory committee's recommendation into account in their decision on the application. You will be informed of this decision in writing.


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