Space for talent – 10 projects selected

In the fourth round of the Open Call Space for talent, 10 special collaborations have been selected. A remarkably large number of the proposals came from the design discipline or was interdisciplinary in nature. Programme manager Talent Development Marieke Ladru reflects on the open call.

23 April 2020

With the Open Call Space for talent, the Creative Industries Fund NL supports designers who want to take a new step in the development of their artistic practice and seek collaboration with a partner to do so. There was considerable diversity in collaboration partners this round. In addition to scientific partners or knowledge institutions, designers sought partnerships with cultural institutions, workplaces, and educational and healthcare institutions. In some cases, there was collaboration with multiple partners.


The following 10 collaborations were selected:

  • Belevingsruimte de Parabool – Calmspaces in collaboration with De Parabool, TU Twente and Sensoree
  • Metallotheek – La-di-da (Laura van Santen) in collaboration with Beeldenstorm/Daglicht
  • Museum Tools – Commonplace studio in collaboration with Andre Castro and MpicoSys Eindhoven
  • Green Printing – Joris Laarman Studio BV in collaboration with Artis Micropia
  • Lenticulair weefsel – Antoine Peters in collaboration with EE Exclusives
  • Sexual Healing – Studio Nienke Helder in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Ellen T.M. Laan (AMC) and Dr. Stephanie Both (LUMC)
  • A- (just) Life – Mies Loogman in collaboration with Rathenau Instituut
  • Chrysalis – Bureau Baggerman in collaboration with Jessica den Hartog en Aachen-Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials
  • Tussen roes en rede – Collectief SMELT in collaboration with The Performance Bar
  • Blood Ties – Shahar Livne in collaboration with Senbis Polymer Innovations B.V.

The selected proposals focus on the joint experiment and new techniques or directions of thought are developed. The committee sees in the selected projects the potential to bring about a broader (social) discussion or awareness. For example, Bureau Baggerman and Jessica den Hartog bring together their knowledge and expertise in the Chrysalis project to investigate how industrial processes can be used to produce textiles from PE packaging material. To make the step from artistic research to industry, they are collaborating with Aachen-Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials. And with the Between euphoria and reason project, SMELT collective aims to stimulate dialogue about drug use in our society. During a residency at The Performance Bar, they will research and analyze drug experiences in collaboration with users, artists and scientists. On the basis of this study, the aim is to give shape to new euphoric rituals that offer the same high experience as drugs.


For the Open Call Space for talent #4, the Fund processed 33 applications. With 10 positively approved proposals, the percentage of applications receiving grants came to 30%. The budget available for this round was € 250,000; each project receives € 25.000.