Open Call Literature on Screen

For collaborations between writers, poets, interaction designers, game makers or digital media makers who develop literary productions aimed at the digital domain.


closing date passed

€ 17,500

maximum amount to apply for

€ 52,500

budget 2023

Important information

what is this open call’s objective?

Literature on Screen is an interdisciplinary programme in which authors together with interaction designers, game makers or digital media makers can develop literary productions aimed at the digital domain. The Creative Industries Fund NL and the Dutch Foundation for Literature are interested in co-creations in which the writer and designer are equal artistic partners and together create a new work.

who is this open call intended for?

The Open Call Literature on Screen is open for all forms of Dutch literature - poetry and prose, children’s and young adult literature. The choice of platform, both hard- and software, is also free, as long as it is a digital platform. With Literature on Screen, the funds want to challenge makers to explore and harness media, like games, virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, to get to know other dimensions of literature.

You submit a project proposal as a team (at least one author and one designer). If you do not yet have a project partner with whom you can submit a proposal, you will be given the opportunity to find a collaboration partner at the afternoon inspiration session on Thursday 14 September. You can register for this here.

what is assessed?

Proposals will be selected and assessed by an independent committee, composed of advisers from both funds. Proposals will be reviewed on the basis of the following criteria:

- originality and added value of the interdisciplinary cross-over;
- literary quality;
- design and/or technical quality.

If there are plans that have scored equally, makers who have not participated in Literature on Screen before will be given priority. The committee chooses no more than three teams from the applications.

what happens to your application?

The Dutch Foundation for Literature is the coordinator. When you have submitted your application, the Fund Desk will check to see whether your application complies with the formal requirements.


An independent advisory committee will assess your application. The committee issues its advice to the boards of the Foundation for Literature and the Fund.


During the programme, the funds will organize two interim meetings/workshops where the three selected projects can present their progress to each other, the funds and to external specialists. In addition, participants can receive technical support. At the end of the programme there is a joint presentation with an external audience.


In order to give makers an opportunity to further develop their prototypes into a full end product after the Literature on Screen programme has finished, they can apply for a grant for that purpose within the applicable grant schemes at the Foundation for Literature and the Fund.

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do you have any questions?

If some of the information is not clear, email your question to Suzanne Meeuwissen of the Nederlands Letterenfonds or Odiel van de Nobelen of the Creative Industries Fund NL. You can also call on 010 436 16 00. If you have a more general question, have a look at our frequently asked questions first.