Once-Fired Blue | Benedetta Pompili Studio

Open Call Residency Arita 2023 / 2024 2022
Granted amount: € 5.000

In her practice, Benedetta Pompili focuses on social design. The designer strives to minimize the ecological impact of her work. With the project Once-Fired Blue, Pompili imagines a vision of an abandoned mountain, reduced to ash by mining and facing climate change. By means of this vision, Pompili aims to enrich the Japanese and European context in terms of exchanging ceramics knowledge, preserving local craftsmanship and raising awareness about the environment. The core of the project is to experiment with the single-fire technique, which makes it possible to obtain a ceramic artefact in just one round of firing instead of two or three. The process – also called raw glazing – plays with the classic Sometsuke blue glaze combined with industrial production methods and decoration, such as digital transfer printing and glaze airspraying. By working in Japan, Pompili hopes to expand her knowledge and apply her design perspective to porcelain.