Green Shadow (Japanse Celadon) | Shahar Livne

Open Call Residency Arita 2023 / 2024 2022
Granted amount: € 5.000

Green Shadow (Japanse Celadon) – Shahar Livne
As a conceptual materials designer, Shahar Livne often works within different disciplines, with an emphasis on exploring the stories that materials bring with them from various perspectives, such as geopolitics, philosophy and culture. Celadon is a term for pottery glazed with Green Shadow, a glaze with a small iron content that gives the pottery an extremely light-green colour. Celadon originated in China and was later produced in Arita, Japan, as a new central production site. Livne is keen to research and learn how this type of glaze is produced. The designer wants to use the residency to discover the rich history of green-shadow glazing in the context of Arita. As a result of her residency, Livne aims to create a series of porcelain objects that tell the story from the past to the future.