SneakerLab | Studio Wolfs

Open Oproep Fresh perspectives 2024
Toegekend bedrag: € 10.000

Under the name SneakerLab, designer Isabel Wolfs (Studio Wolfs) is committed to reducing the ecological footprint of sneakers. Sneakers are difficult to recycle because of their complex design and material composition. In addition, users often lack knowledge about maintenance and repair, leading to premature degradation and waste. For the project, Studio Wolfs joins forces with Jesse Oiseneck (vintage-sneaker specialist), Emma Huffman (design researcher), Amsterdam House of Arts & Crafts, and De Sneaker Reiniger (The Sneaker Cleaner). Part of the collaboration involves developing workshops and visual and tangible learning tools to make sneaker/trainer maintenance and repair accessible to young people, sneaker lovers and craft enthusiasts. The aim is to teach users how to care for and repair their sneakers, reducing the need for new sneakers and reducing waste.