starting grant

A starting grant enables applicants to study the possibilities for an intended project. The grant has a maximum of € 7,500. Co-funding is not compulsory for a starting grant. A starting grant is aimed at the first phase of an extensive (research) project.

For example, you can apply for a starting grant for the phase prior to a research or implementation of a project. In the application for a starting grant, you describe the activities that help you to sharpen the substantive and organizational aspects of your project. This allows, for example, the problem and the research questions to be explored and to use the starting phase to involve expertise and partners thereby generating substantive and financial support for the project. You also use the starting phase for an initial proof of concept, to draw up a communication plan or to conduct essential preparatory research.

Besides describing the activities during the starting phase, it is important to provide an outline of the intended follow-up project, a communication plan and the end results. The applicant can subsequently submit an application for a the final project grant in a later grant round.

Applications for a starting grant can be submitted in the grant rounds for the Architecture, Design, Digital Culture and Internationalization of the design sector. The applicant should select ‘starting grant’ under ‘type of project’ in the application environment.

An application for a starting grant must be elaborated further than just a concept. Otherwise, the advisory committee cannot estimate whether the application will lead to a meaningful follow-up project.