Professionalization institutions – 11 projects selected

The Open Call Professionalization of institutions closed in November 2019. The call was aimed at institutions active in the sectors of design, architecture and digital culture. The grant provided by the programme will support the professionalization and entrepreneurship of institutions, enabling them to concentrate more on the artistic quality and development of their programme.

29 January 2020

The Advisory Committee, consisting of Stephan Petermann, Eric Kluitenberg and Samira Benlaloua, has selected 11 project from the 24 proposals submitted. A sum of € 125,000 was available for this round.

The proposals submitted by the following institutions have been selected:

The Grey Space in the Middle

According to the Committee, the selected institutions are clearly committed to developing a long-term strategy for the sustainable professionalization of their organisation.
The Committee feels that engaging external consultants, specifically from outside the organisation's existing network, contributes importantly to the professionalization effort. In the Committee's view, the selected institutions have all included a persuasive motivation regarding such consultants and have elaborated a clear goal for their professionalization programme.

The rejected proposals less clearly fulfilled the goal of the open call. The Committee found that several proposals described a stand-alone project without a long-term vision or intended final result. Some of the proposals also lacked a clear drive to go beyond the institution's present everyday practice.

The proposals reveal a strong need for the opportunity and the resources to pursue further professionalization.
The Committee appreciated the wide variety of professionalization programmes, ranging from research into sustainable organisation and financing models to the implementation of the Fair Practice Code, to efforts to develop presentation and communication strategies that reflect the professional programme, or that aim to increase public outreach, diversity and inclusiveness.

The Advisory Committee finds it valuable to gain a greater understanding of the different organisation structures of both fledgling and established institutions in the creative industry. The Committee feels that institutions show meaningful reflection and are honest with respect to their development needs and opportunities. The proposals show how numerous institutions seized the open call as an opportunity to position themselves more clearly within the creative industry infrastructure. The Committee hopes to contribute to these efforts by supporting their professionalization programmes.