Opening Experiment Grant Scheme

Next Wednesday, on 6 September, the new period of the Experiment Grant Scheme opens. Given the available budget, the grant scheme will close when 40 complete applications have been submitted.

Please note: The Experiment Grant Scheme has been closed on 14 September 2023 at 10.00 am. Applications can no longer be submitted.

Due to the pressure on the grant scheme, two changes have been made to the procedure for the second period: the grant scheme will close when 40 complete applications have been submitted and the processing time has been extended from 6 weeks to a maximum of 10 weeks. The budget available in this period is € 250,000.

complete application
The Experiment Grant Scheme is open to small-scale, experiment-driven projects in the fields of design, architecture and digital culture. Under this grant scheme, the total project budget may not exceed €10,000. This includes any co-financing or own resources.

A complete application consists of the following documents:
- application form
- project plan (maximum 5 pages)
- planning (maximum 1 page), take into account 10-week processing time
- budget and financial coverage plan (maximum 2 pages)
- CVs of the parties carrying out the project (maximum 2 pages per person)
- certified extract from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (maximum one year old)
- a representative image of the project
- portfolio with relevant visual material (maximaal 10 pages)
- optionally, letters of intent or collaboration agreements

If you would like to submit an application, take a close look at the grants page, including the Experiment Grant Scheme and Grant Application Guide. Here you will find more information on the conditions, criteria and objectives of the grant scheme and explanatory notes about the requested documents. Are you curious about previously supported projects? View the selection from the first period of 2023 here.