Experiment Grant Scheme nearly closes

At the end of this week, on 31 March 2023 at 23:59, the first period of this year's Experiment Grant Scheme closes. Are you working on an application? Then finish it and submit it before the scheme closes. We will still try to process your application.

grant ceiling reached
We are closing the scheme because we expect the grant ceiling of € 300,000 to be reached with the applications submitted by then. The Experiment Grant Scheme is a continuous scheme with two periods per year. Applications are processed in order of submission. The moment the application is complete applies in this regard. If the grant ceiling is reached and therefore no more budget is available, the end of the period is not waited for and the scheme closes.

early closure
With the closure on 31 March, the scheme will be closed two months earlier than planned. Never before has the Experiment Grant Scheme closed so far before the scheduled end of a period. Given the large number of applications, the scheme clearly meets a need. This is good to note. But as a result of its popularity, the scheme's design also creates uncertainty and pressure for applicants. That is not the intention. We will therefore look at how to better balance the scheme with demand from the field.

second period 2023
The second period of 2023 opens on 6 September and will also be open as long as the budget is sufficient. The budget for this period is € 250,000.