1-year activities programme 2023 – 20 creative industries institutions selected

The Creative Industries Fund NL is granting 20 institutions within the creative industries a 1-year subsidy to implement their activities programme in 2023. The seven institutions that received grants for their two-year activities programme in 2021-2022 will continue to receive them for the next two years.

15 December 2022

1-year activities programme

The Grant Scheme’s advisory committee, chaired by Nathanja van Dijk, provided recommendations for 39 annual programmes of institutions in the field of design, architecture and digital culture. They applied for a total of € 3.4 million. As a result, the available budget of € 1.75 million was greatly oversubscribed. Prioritization was unfortunately necessary. The procedure used for this is described in the 1 and 2-year Activities Programme Grant Scheme. Two of the 22 positively assessed applications fell completely out of budget after prioritization. One application was granted a lower amount than requested

All applications were assessed on four criteria:
- the artistic and social value of the activities programme;
- the relevance of the chosen theme for the field;
- the degree of diversity in audience reach;
- consistency in the application’s purpose and set-up.

‘For the diversity and substantive development of the creative sector, it is hugely important that there is a healthy balance between continuity on the one hand, and inflow and flow within the supported institutions on the other. In this way, there is still room for newcomers and innovation. This is more important than ever after more than two years of Covid misery,’ maintains Syb Groeneveld, executive director of the Fund. ‘I am therefore delighted that five newcomers are part of this year’s selection. Together with the other annual programmes selected, they present a broad palette of themes and research directions and give room to new makers and a critical approach to current developments.’


De volgende twintig culturele instellingen zijn geselecteerd:
- affect lab
- Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam
- Architectuurcentrum Nijmegen
- BlueCity
- Creative Coding Utrecht
- Das Leben am Haverkamp
- De Dépendance
- Hackers & Designers
- Illustratie Ambassade
- Independent School for the City
- MacGuffin
- Platform GRAS
- PrintRoom
- The Grey Space in the Middle
- The Hmm
- Van Eesterenmuseum
- Varia
- Zone2Source

Institutions with positive recommendation, no budget after prioritization
Institutions with negative recommendation


The five institutions being supported for the first time within this grant scheme are: affect lab, Das Leben am Haverkamp, Oscam, The Grey Space in the Middle and Van Eesterenmuseum. We highlight two of them:

Image: OSCAM

Oscam (Open Space Contemporary Art Museum) is building a creative community of makers and visitors who together own the story of the Netherlands. Based in the Bijlmer, in Amsterdam Zuidoost, the platform develops exhibitions and activities that connect the cultural richness of this city district with Dutch and international contemporary art, fashion and design. Next spring, with the multidisciplinary fashion exhibition OSCAM x OHIM – Shifting Narratives, among other activities, the platform is providing a counterpoint to the fashion industry by focusing on black men. Models, collections and presentation do not conform to the prevailing image, but rather their own cultural codes, signs and traditions are celebrated.

Image: Das Leben am Haverkamp

Newcomer Das Leben am Haverkamp also focuses on social issues in relation to fashion. Through its annual Speculative Bodies programme, the collective explores how clothing, disguises and body extensions are able to transform the body. Alienation, absurdism and speculative design are utilized as tools to take a critical and investigative look at the capitalist society we live in, to address identity issues and to reflect on what it means to be human in the twenty-first century.

The other newcomers are affect lab, The Grey Space in the Middle and Van Eesterenmuseum.

2-year activities programme

The round for the 2-year activities programmes was only open to the seven cultural institutions that received funding for their activities programme in 2021-2022 (read more about the reasons for this here). The applications were processed internally by the Fund. AIR, Bureau Europa, ExtraExtra, FASHIONCLASH, FIBER and SETUP will also receive support for the next two years. Read the recommendations here.

infrastructure design sector

The Infrastructure Design Sector 2023 map shows all the institutions in the design sector that will be supported through the Creative Industries Fund NL or Basic Cultural Infrastructure in 2023. Not marked on this map are the platforms for design-based learning through the Fund’s open call of the same name. These alternative and informal platforms play an important role in the development of the creative sector by connecting young people and starting designers with the current maker and design culture and with professionals from the design field.

conversation about the future

On Thursday 19 January 2023, the Fund is organizing a meeting for institutions in the design sector from 15:30 to 16:30 at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, to discuss together the process leading towards the new policy period 2025-2028. We would also like to discuss with attendees that afternoon how we as Fund can best support the desired quality, renewal and dynamism in the sector. Cultural institutions interested in participating in this conversation can register below. Immediately after the event, we are holding our New Year reception in collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut.