Open Call Fresh perspectives

For cross-sector collaborative projects that offer new perspectives on current crises including the climate crisis, discrimination, migration and asylum crisis, social and opportunity inequality or the housing crisis.

10 October 2023

closing date

€ 10,000

maximum amount to apply for

€ 100,000


Important information

what is the goal of this open call?

With the Open Call Fresh Perspectives, the Fund supports makers in offering new perspectives on social, cultural, economic and political issues. In doing so, the Fund stimulates cross-sector collaborations in which makers, designers and architects can, together with other organizations, come to new and surprising approaches.

who is this open call intended for?

Designers, architects, makers and observers who have been running their own practice for at least three years within the design, digital culture or architecture disciplines can submit an application. Collectives and duos are also welcome.

At least one of the collaboration partners has proven knowledge of the theme that is central to the proposal and is active in an area of expertise that is different from the designer’s. This can include partners like platforms, labs, collectives, knowledge institutions, archives and/or other types of social organizations.

Please note:
In this open call we are explicitly stimulating cross-sector collaborations. Proposals must be submitted by the designer.

which projects are eligible for a grant?

The open call focuses on collaborations, in which parties work together to approach a social issue in a new way. Depending on the issue, the project can take on different forms, like an activation, programming, a publication, a service or a product.

The application procedure consists of two phases.

Phase 1
(Duration: max. 6 months – 10 x € 10,000. Start date: 1 January 2024)

You are applying to start up the project. This phase can be used to investigate what the possibilities of a project are. In the application, you should describe the activities aimed at refining the substantive and organizational aspects of the project. For example, you further elaborate a formulated problem or research questions, carry out preliminary research or an experiment, build a prototype or proof of concept, you further flesh out the audience or communication plan and consolidate the collaborations.

Besides describing the activities to be carried out during the initial phase, it is important that you provide an outline of the intended follow-up project as well as the plan for sharing the knowledge acquired and the end results.

Phase 2
(Duration: max. 12 months – 5 x € 40,000. Start date: 1 October 2024)

You are applying for the follow-up of the preliminary research and/or experiment from phase 1, i.e. for the implementation of the project. For example, the project could consist of an activation, programming, a publication, a service, a product, a podcast, an event or an intervention. At the end of the project, an appropriate presentation or other form of knowledge sharing is to be organized.

Please note: this amount is awarded in two phases. In this open call, co-financing is possible, but not necessary. Any contribution in terms of time and resources, including co-financing, if any, must be specified and quantified in the budget. You can only apply for phase 2 if you have fully completed phase 1.

how do you prepare an application?

In order to prepare the application, it is important to acquire the right information based on the following documents:

Grant Application Guidelines
The Grant Application Guidelines provide guidance and tips on preparing a grant application. You can use them to draw up your application as completely as possible.

Open Call Fresh perspectives
Applications are assessed on the basis of the Open Call Fresh perspectives, which describes the reason and objective, design challenges, phases, criteria and procedures.

Open Call Grant Scheme
Applications are also assessed on the basis of the Open Call Grant Scheme, which describes the general conditions, grounds for rejection, manner of publication, submission procedure, assessment, the award and any grant obligations.

what is assessed?

The submitted proposals will be processed and assessed on the basis of the Open Call Fresh Perspectives and the Open Call Grant Scheme.

The applications will be assessed by an independent advisory committee. In assessing the applications within phases 1 and 2, the following will be taken into account:

Phase 1
- The social relevance of the chosen issue, formulated problem or challenge;
- The positioning in relation to existing knowledge and developments;
- The quality of the relevant maker’s portfolio;
- The partner’s expertise and motivation on the issue.

Phase 2
- The further elaboration of the social relevance of the chosen issue, formulated problem or challenge;
- The quality and form of the collaboration or collaborations;
- The quality of the proposal - this is assessed by reviewing the consistency between the goal and set-up, the budget, the schedule and its feasibility;
- The manner of knowledge sharing and the set-up of the collaboration;
- The contribution to diversity and inclusivity;
- Reach and knowledge sharing.

When the first phase is assessed, one or more conditions that the project needs to comply with in the second phase may be attached. A fixed condition for the second phase is a collaboration agreement on the implementation of the project signed by all the parties involved.

In Phase 2, a pitch to the advisory committee is part of the evaluation.

what happens to your application?

When you have submitted your application, the Fund Desk will check if your application complies with the formal requirements of the Open Call Grant Scheme.

An independent advisory committee will assess your application on the basis of the Open Call Grant Scheme and the Open Call Fresh perspectives. The committee advises the Fund’s Board.

The Board takes account of the committee’s advice in its decision on the rejection or provision of the grant. You will be notified about the result in a decision.

If you receive a grant from the Fund, then you will have to comply with the obligations. Two weeks before the conclusion of your project, you will be asked by email to submit your accountability form in the application environment.

How to achieve a convincing application?

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do you have any questions?

If some of the information is not clear, email your question to Maria van der Togt. You can also call on 010 436 16 00. If you have a more general question, have a look at our frequently asked questions first.