Building Talent

Talent Development is one of the Fund’s priorities. In order to give starting designers the scope to explore their practice and to provide incentives for an exchange of ideas and knowledge between starting designers and established agencies, we started the open calls for Building Talent in 2020.

Through Building Talent, the Fund offers starting designers and makers the possibility of working on current issues and design challenges with experienced agencies for a period of three months. To achieve these collaborations, the Fund set up open calls. The objective of the open calls is to strengthen the link between starting designers and makers and the field of work and, in turn, to support the field of work by creating additional scope for in-depth research and experiment. In this way, the Fund wants to contribute to increasing knowledge and experience and strengthening the network and entrepreneurship of starters.


Building Talent is open to starting makers and designers who have at most four years’ experience within the disciplines of design, architecture or digital culture. The call offers scope to landscape architects, graphic designers, social designers, fashion designers as well as starters in many other disciplines and sub-disciplines. They can have completed a relevant design course, but they can also have developed themselves professionally in practice, without having completed a relevant design course.

current challenges

The design challenge, research question or experiment is formulated by the design agencies and is worked on together. The proposals are often based on a self-chosen theme, a fascination, a social challenge or another relevant topic, with starters playing an important role. The design agencies are selected in the first phase of the open call. In the second phase, starters who are interested can then give a focussed response to the design challenges. We look for the best collaborations in the selection process.

open calls

Building Talent V

This spring, the Open Call Building on Talent 2023 once again calls on experienced professionals to collaborate on current issues and design challenges with emerging creators and designers. You can respond until April 24, 2023.

Building Talent IV

The Open Call Building Talent 2022 paired 18 makers and designers in the disciplines of design, architecture, digital culture and crossovers between them with experienced professionals.

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Building Talent III

The third open call for Building Talent was also open to all disciplines that the Fund represents: design, architecture, digital culture and any crossovers between them.

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Building Talent II

The target group for Building Talent was extended in the second open call. This time, the open call was open to all disciplines that the Fund represents: design, architecture, digital culture and any crossovers between them.

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Building Talent I

The first Open Call Building Talent specifically focused on starting architects, urban designers, garden and landscape architects and interior designers. The collaborations supported dealt with current social challenges, such as the development of long-term, affordable and applicable building techniques, healthy urbanization, future working environments and green living in the Netherlands.

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